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Small towns big mouths

As I went to school today, everything was normal. I talked to people at a table in the cafeteria and all this stuff, but then there was this one stupid dumbass. His name is Chris, he's black and a sophomore AND he talks way too much shit. He was suddenly there and started talking to me and then he said loudly that I was drunk af this weekend and everyone was looking at me and I thought: What the fuck are you talking about? So I asked him why he was saying that and he just said: ''Oh come one don't deny it man. You were drunk as fuck'' Of course I still denied it and then the bell rang, so I went to my class. After the first hour was over another guy started telling me that I was drunk at the last weekend and I was like: what the hell is going on? I just ignored all the comments these two motherfuckers made for the rest of the day but it still sucks tho. This proves the statement of my brother who was in the United States for 10 months too: Small town big mouths
1.10.14 23:57


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