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Homecoming week was awesome, words can't describe this week. Except the friday night: awkward. I went with a girl to the football game, she's really nice and pretty, at least until then. We met before the game and ate something. I tried to keep the conversation up and she made an effort too, it started to get awkward as we left the eating place. As we went to the football game she told me that she has to take pictures and I thought, she will stay on one spot, but I 'had to' follow her all the time she was running around the field and she was talking all the time to another girl and didn't include me into the conversation even if I tried to. So I talked to the best friend of the girl, she was nice. She left at half time to go to the stands, so did I then. The rest of the game I was watching the game from the stands. After that I went with her to the dance and it was the weirdest 'dance' I've ever had. They play completely different music and the dance floor was way too big. And they danced different and I don't know. I didn't feel that good throughout this whole night/dance because when I danced in Germany I was drunk lol. So I felt weird to dance so crazy like they did sober. And then we brought me home, and we talked a little bit, but the thing that still sucks is, that it is not a conversation, it's more that I ask something and she gives an answer and then I ask another question and so on (or she asks a question). But Anyways, I shouldn't complain too much, it was a great week, probably one of the greatest week in my whole life. Especially the friday in school and the parade after that. Just awesome. But I'll probably distance myself from this girl for the next time except we will 'get along' soon again. I'll see because the is a really really nice girl, and pretty.
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