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Well, I guess I write a lot about skyping with my family/friends in Germany, but it is really a big deal for me. I can't wait to Skype with them the next time! Will be awesome. It just feels soo good to talk to someone from home and you're just sure that everything is still alright at home. Priceless feeling.. I think you just learn to appreciate and love your loved ones in your home country more than your did before because you don't see them for such a long time. But it's kinda crazy.. 250 days left in Woodward, Oklahoma, I started 300. Still a long way to go, but anyways, I made already 1/6 what makes me proud. (Almost) 50 days without anyone I knew before, in a country I've never been before, a different culture, a different language, a different way to treat people, a different school system, different food, different life style, nearly everything. It just recognized my culture shock a few days ago because I thought about the whole situation I was into. At the beginning I never really thought that I have one culture shock because I told myself that It will be different and it will be alright, but it was overwhelming but I handled it pretty good in my opinion. Furthermore I am more used to the language now so I feel more comfortable with joining conversations because believe it or not it was really hard to just understand the conversations because everyone was talkin' so fast, so people that I was a really really quit guy. Well, I'm not someone who is talking all the time but I like to join conversations and bring in my own opinion. So I'm starting now to getting more confident with interacting to other people through talking in conversations and not just listen to them.
24.9.14 03:47


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