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US teenagers are kinda weird when you text with them. This is my experience so far with them. When you wanna start a conversation over Facebook with a question or whatever, they just answer with one or two words and don't make an effort to keep the conversation alive. Except for one dude I texted with now yet. I asked him if I can come with him to a football game but he was already on his way, but he said I can come with him next time and it just seemed that he was really interested in doing something with me. That felt good instead of a response with like 1 word. It's tough to motivate yourself texting more people because you expect already that they don't make an effort to talk to you. Stupid fuckers. I would love to do something with exchange students and I actually did stuff with the exchange students we had last year. I just don't get these people who don't understand my situation. They just think about Woodward, maybe Oklahoma and then their is a guy from Germany, without any people he know and they are just so dumb and don't even make an effort to talk to him.
6.9.14 17:20


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