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It's good here in Woodward, I skyped with my family yesterday, first with my oldest brother and his girlfriend - they live since the 24th August on their own - and after that with my parents and my other brother. It felt good to skype with them, it was the first time that I saw my brothers and the one girlfriend since I've been here. And it was so great for me to hear that they're not surprised that I don't have so many friends yet. It was like:"Yeah, of course you don't have many friends because you're just here for 5 weeks now, calm down." Because I was kinda unsure due to my host parents; they seemed to be worried about it, so was I then and I felt pressure I didn't had before. I'm looking forward to the first home football game, which is homecoming at the same time. I'm gonna find a date this or next week. I'm sure I get one. 5 weeks are over now, time goes by fast. But after skyping with my fam, I felt kinda homesick again; not like I would die if I can't go home now, like it was after the first Skype date with my parents, but it was tough and it's tough right now when I think about it and text with friends from Germany. It's a fight, to stop texting to my good friends in Germany, because they mean so much to me, I realize it now how much true friends mean to someone when you don't see them for a long time, I feel it in this time. But I'll go through it. It will be such a great moment when I see them at the airport in Bremen, Germany, but before I have to stay here in Woodward, but I'm sure I will really enjoy the time here. I can't believe it in these days, but I think I will be afraid of leaving the United States when I'm standing actually at the airport and wave to my host family and all the friends I met here. But I'm sure either, it will be one of the greatest experiences I ever have and had in my life.
16.9.14 03:19


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